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When it comes to parents, 73% of them define diversity in books as “people and experiences different than those of my child,” while 68% say it includes “various cultures, customs or religions,” 51% cite “differently-abled people” (physical and/or emotional) and 47% say it includes “people of color.”

Today’s technologies are at our fingertips. Every year our children spend increasing amounts of time on mobile devices at school and at home. Like adults, children are looking to technology to connect with others. Unfortunately, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t appropriate for young users.


The app stores are dominated by a plethora of apps featuring “princess culture.” A quick search for “girl games” reveals games featuring: shopping, makeovers, pets, fashion, baking, and candy. Many of the characters are fair-skinned blondes wearing tiaras.


There’s a lot of information out there about the gaming industry. Let our colorful infographics help you sort out some facts about the most popular categories and decide upon the game experience you want for your brand in 2016. MORE>>

Hidden Object Games are a derivative of the classic I Spy game, adapted to digital media. The best ones contain a character-driven storyline, usually in an exotic or mysterious environment; the player’s task is to journey through various places, collecting needed objects as she goes and using them to unlock or solve puzzles. MORE>>

Girls are different—and that includes the way they play games. It takes more than the color pink and pretty pictures to keep a girl playing. It takes an understanding of the kind of content she appreciates and how to present it so that it has meaning. MORE>>

Since our studio opened 17 years ago, Splashworks, has created hundreds of games for various clients and brands. While what makes a game fun and enjoyable hasn’t evolved that much over the years, how a game is developed and where it’s played has changed dramatically. MORE >>