PopJam: Where Creativity Drives the Connections

Anyone who has spent time exploring PopJam is struck by the kids’ passion for the platform, its culture and its community. Kids love PopJam because it fosters creativity; the app’s entire culture is centered upon user art.

14 Jun, 2018
PopJam: A Children’s Social Media Network

Today’s technologies are at our fingertips. Every year our children spend increasing amounts of time on mobile devices at school and at home. Like adults, children are looking to technology to connect with others. Unfortunately, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t appropriate for young users.

07 Jun, 2018
Over One Million Downloads!

Protect the Flag illustrates the importance of emerging markets. These markets are embracing mobile devices and they are only getting larger.

21 Jun, 2016
Pioneering a New Platform

These are “frontier days” for Apple TV: wide-open, nebulous, full of opportunity and risk.

29 Feb, 2016
The Evolution of a Game

One goal of every game developer is to come up with an innovative gameplay concept. That’s something we have tried to do with our latest game, Nasty Goats.

26 Feb, 2016
Play Enhanced

Toys-to-Life products are a combination of physical toys and digital games. Currently, toys-to-life products are the fastest growing sector of the toy industry.

07 Dec, 2015
WebGL: Pushing HTML5 To The Next Level

What makes a game fun and enjoyable hasn’t evolved that much over the years, how a game is developed and where it’s played has changed dramatically.

20 Aug, 2015
HTML5 Games All “Wrapped Up”

HTML5 is used for developing games that will run in a web browser (so you can play on your desktop or on your phone or tablet), but this platform has its limitations.

07 Jul, 2015