Over One Million Downloads!


Camp Lakebottom is Canadian animated series produced by 9 Story Media Group that premiered in Canada and the US in 2013. In June 2014, we launched the mobile game, Camp Lakebottom: Protect The Flag, into the app stores. Protect the Flag has campers defending their flag from waves of monstrous hordes or high-tech horrors, depending on your alliance. It’s a fun arcade-style game with 50 levels.


The app did well, the client was happy—and then, in 2015, we heard something remarkable: the app had been downloaded over a million times! Not only that, it was continuing to be downloaded at a rapid clip. Google Play ranks the game in the 1–5M download category. We have a rating of 4-5 stars and thousands of reviews.


For any app developer, this is a dream come true! A little digging revealed that Latin America was the source of this sudden rocket boost to our game.


And no wonder. Latin America is one of the fastest growing consumers of mobile technology. Although it’s composed of more than 40 countries, the top ranking consumers include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. These six countries comprise three-quarters of the population, 85% of Latin America’s GDP, and 84% of the region’s smartphones. Brazil and Mexico top the list, with 49.1 million and 38.5 million smartphones, respectively, in 2015.* Projections anticipate over 245 million smartphone users by 2019!


With an increased investment in broadband infrastructure, an expansion of wi-fi networks across the region, and a growing middle class, you can expect to see rapid growth continue in the coming years. With it comes a hunger for content, especially social and gaming apps.


However, there are a few caveats for app developers.


• Android is number one platform (68%), followed by iOS (mostly tablets), then Windows and Kindle Fire. So know your platforms and design accordingly.

• Most phones are prepaid and the majority of the population does not have a credit card. However, Bango expanded its carrier and Google Play billing in 2015. Just be aware of this when considering monetization in apps. (Camp Lakebottom is a freemium app.)

• Localization is critical. Not just languages, but also cultures. Get to know your market(s). Brazil is currently the top market, but others are surging.


Protect the Flag illustrates the importance of emerging markets. These markets are embracing mobile devices and they are only getting larger. It’s time to design for these audiences and engage them at launch.


* eMarketer.com, July 2015


21 Jun, 2016