Games for Today — and Tomorrow

Mobile development requires highly skilled programmers and artists with an in-depth knowledge of the most current platforms, browsers, and more than 100 different devices. services_mobilefireworksMany of our games engines are created using HTML5 and Unity 3D—and WebGL is just around the corner.

Splashworks has a library of game engines available for our clients to choose from, featuring some of today’s most popular game mechanics. These engines have been thoroughly code tested, offering you a more efficient and cost-effective development cycle.

However, similar to building a custom automobile, the engine is only a starting point. We work closely with you to understand your brand’s narrative—then we handcraft a unique game experience on top of that engine.


One Tool, Many Platforms

HTML5 is currently a key development platform for browser-based games. It’s composed of web technologies and APIs that work together to execute a game’s display and interactions.

It also employs Responsive Design, which allows it to dynamically adapt a game’s display and functionality on different destination devices (i.e., desktop browser vs. phone). As a result, a developer can create a single game that plays across multiple environments. It also means that a user needn’t download an app to play, just a browser.

However, HTML5 development requires extensive knowledge—not only of the platform but of different destination devices—in order to design to its strengths.

Because of its multi-device capabilities, HTML5 requires longer production timelines than those required for Flash games.


Native Apps for iOS and Android

Unity has strong support within the industry for the development of native apps and is included in future plans for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, as well as the major browsers.

Unity is optimal for processor-intensive games that involve real-time 3D, racing, advanced physics, or a heavy use of music. The Unity platform makes it easy to optimize the graphics and code for various devices.

Splashworks has a strong team of experienced Unity coders and artists. They have over 27 years of casual game development using Unity 3D. We’ve worked with industry leaders, such as Nickelodeon, and employed industry-best practices for this platform.

Our services for Unity 3D also include porting apps over to Kindle.


Growing Compatibility

Splashworks already has some WebGL projects in development, and we plan to continue growing this expertise. As we push forward to produce HTML5 WebGL games, we hope to help our clients create some of the most cutting-edge game experiences found on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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