Splashworks Awarded Funding to Develop Hearts For Hearts Girls® Mobile Game


Can playing a game make a difference in the world? Splashworks thinks it can and so does the Canada Media Fund. It’s just granted our studio funding to develop an exciting mobile app for the Hearts For Hearts Girls® brand.


Hearts For Hearts Girls is a line of multicultural dolls whose mission is to “change the world, one heart at a time.” When Splashworks acquired the digital license for this brand in Fall 2016, we knew we had to find a way to extend those core values into an app. The result is Heart Street Market, which will launch at the end of 2017—thanks to some help from the Canada Media Fund.


It was so validating to have an international jury of that caliber see the potential in our vision for the app! They recognized that today’s girls deserve better games, and we’re going to give them one.


The app embeds play patterns that girls enjoy: making friends, collaborating, collecting, creating, and personalizing. While these may sound like familiar elements, we know that no other app has put them together in the same way. With Heart Street Market, it’s the deeper, character-driven motivation of the game that is innovative and satisfying for its players.


Like all other aspects of the HFHG brand, Heart Street Market will be based on the rich multicultural stories that exist for all the dolls. This includes exploring their cultures, communities, fashions, and multiple games within the app. But more than that, it gives players opportunities to impact the real world as they play. That’s because—like the dolls—Splashworks will partner with humanitarian organization World Vision® that helps children everywhere.


To support the brand’s global nature, the game will launch in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

14 Feb, 2017